A smoke-free planet is our ultimate goal.

We educate, inform and debunk junk science to ensure the longevity of the most successful method to stop smoking. We produce high-quality content that is educational, comedic and true. We also share our favourite products in hopes to allow our viewers to make informed decisions on future purchases

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Hey! You have the latest, hottest product and you want us to review it. We're happy to review as many products as we can; we have one requirement though. In order for us to review your product, DashVapes must actually sell your product.

If we don't already sell your product; We'd be happy to list it on our website and make it available across all of our retail stores.

If your product is e-juice, please look at the Sell with DashVapes page.

If your product is anything but E-Juice, please contact [email protected] for further details on collaborating with DashVapes. Please note, we only review products that are to be used with nicotine e-liquid.